Travis Seitler

Web design and development

I’m a WordPress developer, and in my role at Elegant Themes I get to take an already amazing product like Divi and try to make it even better.

For seven years prior to that, I worked as a web developer with Miles. My primary focus there was working with Georgia, USA on WordPress projects like the Georgia Centers of Innovation and the Georgia USA Small Business Resource Directory. At Miles I also worked on a variety of Drupal powered travel/tourism sites, including Visit Anchorage, Capital Region USA, and Visit Sarasota.

All told, I have over two decades of professional web design and development experience under my belt.

Comic Books & Graphic Novels

From 2015-2018 my wife Nicole and I
tag-teamed to letter the majority of
IDW Publishing’s line of Disney comics. We also did some of the restoration and retouch work for Fantagraphics’
Don Rosa Library.

Going back a bit further, from 2005-2008
I was the Disney Comics Art Director at Gemstone Publishing. While I was there
I got to work on some pretty cool stuff, including The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck and Walt Disney Treasures: 75 Years of Innovation.


…and the rest


I was homeschooled, and now my wife and I homeschool our 4 kids. It’s pretty sweet.


It’s like LEGO®, but it doesn’t cost as much to work with thousands of blocks… and I never accidentally step on them at night!

Epic journeys

I really like to read. You can see what tomes I’ve had my face buried in over at Goodreads if you’re interested.